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About Us

Dunia Joglo

Addressed in Jalan Raya Kerobokan No. 77x, Banjar Kangin, Kerobokan, Badung, Bali 80361

Phone : 087870007077 / 081386390936

Born in Yogyakarta on the 7 of April 2012 where Joglo is originally from, Dunia Joglo has started to preserve the traditional antique teak houses by renovating them and sell them again to those who are interested to utilize it for various usages.

Dunia Joglo is an Organization from which Joglo’s and some other wooden houses are being protected, cleaned, renovated, built and preserved in the hands of those who appreciate the value of antique teak wooden houses especially because of the historical and social values in it.

Dunia means world in Indonesian Language / Bahasa Indonesia as well as in Hindi.

And Joglo is a traditional vernacular high society type of house of Javanese people.  It reflects Javanese high social status. This type of building is only reserved for palace (keraton), official residence, government estate, and the house of nobles (ningrat).

Nowadays a lot of Joglo, Limasan, Gladak, Jineng, Gazebo Owners in Java want to get change to live in concrete houses after living in their Joglo houses, and other wooden houses for generations. Dunia Joglo helps them to clean the Joglo, Limasan, Gladak, Jineng and the other wooden houses and renovate them before selling them to those who want to buy and build them in different places.

It’s now in Bali. It’s the God’s island where people from different countries build their dream houses, villas and business places. Joglo, Limasan, Gladak, Jineng and antique teak wooden houses suit several purposes, its perfect for shops, restaurants, offices, houses and storages.

We help to find, clean, renovate, and rebuild your dream Joglo, Limasan, Gladak, Jineng and Gazebo in Bali and other countries.

Dunia Joglo helps to build your dream Joglo comes true.