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Why Joglo

The best investments on teak wood, Joglo houses are made of antique teak wood, generally it’s stronger than new teak wood, cheaper as it is recycle wood, better quality wood as the wood are from super old teak trees and it’s dry from the hundred of years it’s standing as houses Investment on depreciation
Maximum 1 month rebuilding work Minimum 6 months building work depending on the work load
Joglo houses are antique teak wood houses, It has increasing value every year, prices go up annually Decreasing value annually
Joglo houses are semi permanent houses, we can knock it down and rebuild it somewhere where else anytime of the year. Immoveable
Joglo houses are proven for hundred of years to be designed and built as earthquake resistance buildings based on Javanese ancient building systems Most of concrete houses are not disaster resistance buildings unless its especially designed for it with extra costing on reinforcement bars and concrete structures
Cheaper than Concrete house with average cost USD 150 – USD 400 perm2 with great quality of antique teak wood Minimum building cost of 300USD – 700USD per m2.
Help in preserving traditional ancient buildings to support cultures and ancient inheritance Consuming natural resourses, adding damages on the invironments
Movable internationally Totally immovable
Dunia Joglo
Dunia Joglo