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DJ 29D/05/2019

DJ 29D/05/2019 King’s bedroom with Balinese Antique Art - nothing is impossible for us to do it for you.

DJ 29E/05/2019

DJ 29E/05/2019 Comfortable living space with messanin and comfy bed on top - we modificate for you.

DJ 29F/05/2019

DJ 29F/05/2019 Spacious elegant bedroom with living space, ensuited bathroom and walk in wardrope on the back, decorated with original antique panel, doors, wooden flooring, glasses and wooden ceiling. Our quality of building shows.

DJ 29G/05/2019

DJ 29G/05/2019 We preserve antique wooden home for you, it’s an original art of living, eco friendly and sustainable living thats proven to last hundreds of years.

DJ 29H/05/2019

DJ 29H/05/2019 We combine wooden homes, with concrete, stones, glasses, arts, in healthy concept to provide comfortable living space for you.


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